The LiaMolly Story

Seema Sudan

I’m Seema Sudan, knitwear designer and founder of the LiaMolly knitwear collection.
We designed our first collection in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2008, and we’re deeply rooted here in a culture of craftsmanship and artisanal traditions. You can find our LiaMolly Women’s Collection online and in more than 200 privately owned boutiques across the country, and you can shop for the LiaMolly Kids’ Collection at Anthropologie.

I’ve always thought that knitting should be local. Just recently, we’ve been able to make that ideal a reality. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, we “kick-started knitting in New Orleans” by bringing our production home to the U.S. from Asia. Now that we can finance our first knitting machine, I will soon be able hire and train locals, pass on my knitting skills to my community, and help other local designers by producing their designs.

I’m knit obsessed. I began knitting when I was 9, and consider myself lucky to have found what I love to do at such a young age. I moved on to a knitting machine at 12, then to Parsons where I studied fashion design. For more than 20 years I’ve designed knitwear for many well-known fashion companies, perfecting my skills with my own mix of the entrepreneur and the artist.

I don’t believe in disposable clothing. Our designs are deeply rooted in the ancient culture of knitting – of crafting comfort and beauty while also weaving the web of community. Neighborhood boutiques and trunk shows bring communities together, and there you’ll find LiaMolly knits, made to stand the test of time both in quality and in design. It sometimes costs a little more, but through careful engineering I do my best to keep them affordable. I named LiaMolly after our kids, Liam and Molly, because I like to think of each sweater being passed down to the next generation, becoming tomorrow’s heirlooms.

Our knits are as far from fashion as they can be – if you define fashion as something that comes and goes with the season.
They have a distinct style and look to them – a personality, perhaps – or at any rate, something much more that just a label. My design process is simple. As with any great recipe, I start with the finest ingredients: richly textured, beautiful yarns. Then I let my imagination take me on a journey through time and around the globe, with people I meet and collaborate with inspiring me along the way.

Weaving a web of community into every LiaMolly sweater. A synergy of modern technology, passionate design and classic knitting goes into every piece. Think of those knits of yesterday, add modern jacquard knitting, and then imagine them being made with less wastage, more innovation, and all the local talent I can find right here at home. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.