A (504) Special: Save, Support & Celebrate!

We’re selling 504 pieces of our Fall Line for just $150 each. Buy Now to help us to bring our knitting to New Orleans! Your purchase will help fund the setup of our first knitting machine in New Orleans (Area Code 504). Yay! Most knitwear Americans buy is currently produced outside of the USA, but we’ll soon be changing that, one sweater at a time. I’m looking forward to hiring locally, passing on my knitting skills to the community, and helping other knitwear designers produce locally. Our new knitting machine will also give me the ability to experiment creatively and actually produce one unique sweater at a time if I want. (What a joy!) This machine is an impressive piece of German technology. I will be going to Germany soon (or maybe to New York) to learn more of its magic. I mean, you sketch your designs, and you choose your colors and your yarns of different textures and sizes, then you press a button, and this monster pops out a fabulous sweater? We’ll see….

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